Younger Next Year: How to Age Beautifully

Younger Next Year: How to Age Beautifully

No one likes getting older–or certainly not looking older. While there are all kinds of cosmetic procedures such as botox available, there are also plenty of small lifestyle choices you can make to slow down the aging process. Here are just a few from our doctors at the Cosmetic Skin Center.

Wear sunscreen even when it isn’t sunny outside.

Nothing will age your skin faster than the sun’s harmful UV rays. Help ward off the onset of wrinkles and fine lines by wearing SPF 30 or higher sunblock at all times. A number of BB creams, foundations and moisturizers have built-in sun protection to help shield your face.

Exercise regularly.

Studies have shown that regular exercise will keep you looking Younger. Part of this is simply that exercise helps combat the effects of your metabolism naturally slowing down with age, but the benefits run deeper than that. You don’t need to start running marathons; incorporating 30 to 60 minutes of brisk physical activity daily will make a big difference.

Eat fruits and vegetables full of antioxidants.

A healthy diet jam-packed with antioxidants, vitamins and vital nutrients will keep you looking and feeling younger. Try to get the recommended nine servings a day and remember to switch it up. The more varied and colorful your diet, the more essential nutrients you will be ingesting.


Make sure to get enough sleep.

There’s a reason they call it “beauty sleep.” Your body needs those hours of precious shut-eye in order to recharge all of its systems. Get the full recommended eight hours a night to stay looking your best younger.

Don’t smoke.

Over time, smoking will lead to the accelerated development of wrinkles and fine lines in your skin, as well as yellow teeth. Do yourself a favor and quit now if you have not  already.

Wear moisturizer.

Applying a moisturizer every morning and evening after properly cleansing your face will help your skin retain its luminous, youthful appearance. If you don’t have the money for big-brand creams and serums from high-end cosmetic companies, rest assured that even a regular drug store moisturizer will make a difference.

Talk to a dermatologist about how to take care of your skin.

Should you be using retinol? Hyaluronic acid? Vitamin C serum? With so many products out there on the market, it can be hard to know which ones will make a real difference and which ones don’t. Talk to your doctor about a skincare plan that will be right for your complexion.

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